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My walls have a little texture to them. Will your decals stick?
Yes - our decals will adhere just fine to lightly textured walls and you will see the texture through our thin, high-quality vinyl. It will look as if the design has been painted on your wall.

The paint on my wall has a stain blocker additive. Will decals adhere to this?
Certain paints that have a teflon-type additive to resist dirt also resist wall decals. Also, vinyl has a little trouble adhering to low or zero VOC paints. So check your paint before you decorate.

Are your decals easy to install?
Very easy! We send simple, step-by-step instructions with each order. You can do it! We also have a video that you can watch at our website.

Will I have to apply each letter to my wall individually?
No - that would be crazy. The designs will come on a sheet (or multiple sheets if it's really big) and will be applied all at the same time, keeping the letters/images perfectly spaced. It really is that easy.

Do your wall decals have a clear plastic border around the designs?
No. Who wants to look at that? Not us. Our designs are die-cut around each letter/image. When they're on your wall, all you'll see is your design - nothing else.

How do I get the decals off when I'm ready to redecorate? Will they damage my walls?
Should you decide to remove the vinyl decal, use a hair dryer on HOT setting and heat up the area before peeling, this weaken the bond of the adhesive.

Is there a difference between the gloss and matte finish?
Yes. If you want a high-end result that looks painted on your wall, choose the matte finish. If your decal is going outside in the weather, you need the gloss finish. We send the matte finish by default since most of our designs are used indoors.

Can I get any design in any color?
Absolutely! We cut to order so you choose the design and color for each decal.

I like your decals but I need a different size. Can you make it bigger/smaller?
Of course! Please send us a message with the size you are looking for and we will get you a price quote.

Is your vinyl eco-friendly?
Yes, the products are 100% safe for all the inhabitants of your house.For interior applications we use only high-quality vinyl film «ORACAL», German company «ORAFOL», which is a world leader in this field. "ORACAL" is made of non-flammable and non-toxic materials, without lead chromate. Complies with REACH and RoHS. It does not exude a smell, does not fade in the sun, preserves the effectiveness of the adhesive layer for a long time. The raw vinyl, manufactured by Orafol Europe has the most green process of any vinyl manufacturer. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their process to reduce waste and pollution to offset their environmental footprint.

Can I get a reverse or mirror image of a decal?
No problem. In the notes to seller box please leave this detail when you checkout.

Are vinyl wall decals removable and reusable?
Unfortunately vinyl decals are NOT reusable but ARE removable.

Do you provide shipment tracking on orders?
Yes! All our stickers have a tracking number.

What is your return/exchange policy?
Each decal is made to order by DECOSTICK.EU to specific sizes, vinyl material, color, and design per the order placed. We are not responsible for spelling or typographical errors made by the customer. Therefore DECOSTICK.EU is unable to issue refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

Replacements will be given only if the item is damaged in transit. You have up until 30 days from the date you purchased the item to request a replacement and need to provide proof (photo) of damaged item.

If your item is lost in transit, we will ship a replacement item free of charge. Please keep in mind that a package is not considered lost through LPS [Latvian Post Service] until 30 business days after the ship date for LV orders and 45 business days for international orders.

If a decal has been damaged during installation, a replacement may be ordered at a discount. DECOSTICK.EU is not responsible for problems or issues with the surface, surface prep, application or installation process by the buyer.